Size: 10.5m x 10m
The Rise studio has a grey painted floor and white walls, perfect for photography. The back half of the room also has a green screen, which can be great for filming. Additional lighting and camera equipment available for hire should you need it.  

   Size: 8x5m
The Amplify studio has a grey heavy duty tarkette floor and white walls, Ballet barres on 2 walls. an 8m mirror wall.  
   Size: 10.5x5m
The Cultiv8 studio has a grey soft tarkette floor and black walls, black Ballet barres on 2 walls and a 9m mirror wall. Our cutiv8 studio is also fitted with black (glow in the dark) lights and coloured remote controlled LEDS for parties and nightclub vibes.  
   Size: 8m x 4m
The Adventure studio has a Painted wooden floor and white walls, black Ballet barre on 1 walls and a 7m mirror wall. Our Adventure studio also has a built in kitchen.  
  •  Benefits of Dance
  • To compete or not to compete
  • 5 ways to elevate your training
  • Hair and Make up for performance
  • Ballet class etiquette
  • 5 ways to increase flexibility
  • 5 things to focus on that will make you improve faster. 

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