The Dance Apprentice 1.0

Brookvale Dance Centre has teamed up with 'The Dance Apprentice' to provide students with an opportunity to develop the necessary skills to become a well equipped and successful dance teacher. The Dance Apprentice is a dance teacher training  course that educates dance teachers and provides them with the tools and knowledge required  to become pro-active, independent, knowledgeable and quality leaders in their classrooms.

At Brookvale Dance Centre we are a committed to the development of our teachers by providing solutions and opportunities that create the results required for a successful career in the classroom. The pathways offered through Brookvale Dance Centre and The Dance Apprentice, provide our teachers with the  instrumental knowledge, training and relevant dance teacher training for the future leaders of our school.

Students must be 14+ or to enrol in this course and demonstrate their passion, commitment and dedication to passing on the love of dance to others.

The Dance Apprentice is a 6-12 month course that includes both online theory and in the studio practical components.

Training modules include:

  • Teacher roles and responsibilities including OHS, policies and procedures
  • Teaching dance safely
  • Creating a safe and inclusive classroom
  • Implementing effective teaching strategies
  • Lesson structure and planning
  • How to choreograph successfully
  • Build studio culture
  • practical assistant teaching

At the conclusion of the course, our teachers will be pro-active, independent and professional in the classrooms while inspiring and motivating students each week. Each teacher will receive a certificate once the course has been completed successfully.

Course structure and hours of study
40 x hours minimum of practical assistant teaching in chosen genre.

8 x Sessions face to face training at Brookvale Dance Centre.

  • Saturday 12th &  26th August 2-4.30pm
  • Saturday  9th & 23rd September 2-4.30pm
  • Saturday 7th & 21st October 2-4.30pm
  • Saturday 4th & 18th November 2-4.30pm
  • Saturday 9th December 2-4.30pm

Although we will endeavour to get all the work done during the face to face trainings, some additional class preparation and homework my be necessary to complete the work and submit required assessments. 

Students will login to THE DANCE APPRENTICE portal to complete learning activities and assignments.

The Dance Apprentice 1.0 Teacher Training course Certificate will be issued on the completion of the course.
Pathways from here lead to the Dance Apprentice 2.0, The dance Apprentice College or other relevant teaching qualifications such as Cert III in Assistant dance teaching or Cert IV in Dance teaching & management.

Course cost:
$880 per year (Payment plan available 5 x monthly payments of $176)

To Apply please download and fill out this form, submit it
via Email bdc@brookvaledancecentre.com.au or to our office
before 15th Feb 2023. As well as submit the payment form below.

Enrol in the Dance Apprentice
Teacher training program for 2023.
Please fill out the above PDF and submit it to the office, as well as this payment form.

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Payment options. 
There is 2 options to pay for the course outright at the commencement, or pay it off in 5x monthly instalments in line with the monthly training sessions.

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