To the families that have been with us for years, we welcome you back to another super exciting year at BDC! To those of you just joining us, we are so very excited to welcome you into our Brookvale Dance Centre Family to share our love for dance with you all, and to watch you grow and find yourself through dance.

Brookvale Dance Centre is more than just a dance school, We are a community of students, parents and mentors who share our passion of performing arts, we are a family of individuals with community spirit and whom uplift, encourage and support each other to be the best version of ourselves always. We are a provider of premium dance development programs for students of all aged, levels and abilities.

There is a high demand for both our adults program and our innovative dance programs curated for students aged 2.5-18 years.

We take our roles as mentors very seriously and strongly believe that the life skills children develop by studying dance serve them throughout their adult lives.

"We don't teach kids to make great dancers, we teach dance to make great kids"

Welcome to Brookvale Dance Centre,
Let's Dance.

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At Brookvale Dance Centre we celebrate individuality and believe in the abilities of all human beings. We work with every student to facilitate their growth and develop life skills through movement, this in turn builds resilience and the ability to overcome challenges, work through blocks, achieving active bodies, healthy minds and fulfilling the soul.
Fearless Authenticity
We are reliable, genuine and true to ourselves and others in spite of fear or doubt. We acknowledge fear and carry on with bravery, courage and strength.
Consistent Excellence
We approach everything with ambition and a will to do our best and grow from the experience.
Bold Innovation
We are creative, curious and eager to develop ourselves as well as collaborate with others to develop new ideas.
Creative Community
We are actively involved in the community both within BDC and its surroundings and contribute to bringing people together with a passion for dance.
Positive Impact
We consider the impact a thoughts words and actions have on ourselves the people and the world around us.

Brookvale Dance Centre moved to our newly renovated premise early in 2021 and is now located at Level 1, Unit 3, 7 Orchard Rd, Brookvale!

Just a hope skip and a jump away from the bus depot,  Pittwater rd, and Warringah mall, our new dance complex is easily accessible from both directions and has plenty of street parking as well as rooftop parking.

BDC comprises of 3 large dance studios with super safe 100mm sprung dance floors, office/reception, parent waiting room, student waiting/study space, Kitchen and bathrooms, costume wardrobe all under the one roof!


The studio also doubles as a film studio with high ceilings, backdrops/green screen's, Lighting and camera equipment available for hire. 

BDC Students are passionate, fearless, resilient and creative.
They love our family environment, and are connected to like-minded individuals leading to lifelong friendships.

"After taking my daughters to a few different dance schools, none have been the right fit and they ended up not wanting to go back, but Since bringing my daughters to BDC this year they are so happy and look forward to their classes each week. BDC teachers are not only highly talented and professional but they are nurturing and give time and energy to every child to make them feel valued and to help them thrive in their skills."

Leanne (Parent & Adult Student)

"I love this dance studio. I like that the teachers are genuinely invested in their students and at the same time we are all having fun.  I also like the variety of classes they offer Hip Hop, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, ballet and more. There are classes for kids and adults so everyone is catered for. Highly recommended."

Isabella (Adult Student)

"My girls love going to Brookvale Dance Centre. They are very professional, excellent teachers, always inspiring the children to excel and lots of fun. I highly recommend their classes. Their concert last year was phenomenal. So professionally put together. The kids felt like movie stars."

Vicki (Parent)

“Taking classes at BDC helps me to look after myself emotionally, physically and socially. Learning in a dynamic environment develops my confidence, intuition and sense of self. Sharing this experience with others grows my happiness.”

Sara (Adult Student)

“All of the teachers are so motivating. I’ve also learned a lot of life skills, through dance. My eyes have been opened to what I should be going for, I’ve always danced as a fun thing to do, BDC equipped me with the skills to take it further and make a career out of it. It’s still about the feeling of dance and having fun with everyone just on a higher level.”

Maddy (Graduate Student)

“The supportive and encouraging environment created by dedicated teachers allows us to develop and grow, bonding us together and creating a loving and supportive community”

Lia (Graduate Student)

Our well educated and experienced faculty lead students through our comprehensive Syllabi ensuring students meet milestones as they acquire, associate, achieve and ascend through our programs. BDC Teachers have worked nationally and internationally as dancers, choreographers, on the judging panel and as Competitors. As Mentors they are both nurturing and encouraging and provide a safe, nonjudgmental, inclusive environment for all students to develop and thrive. 

We understand that extracurricular activities can be expensive and we aim to do everything we can to minimise the costs and create ease in payment solutions. 

Brookvale Dance Centre pricing is 'All-inclusive' which means we have taken ALL your expenses for the year and calculated them into 11 monthly payments, debited on the first day of each month.
Got questions?
Let us know.
✔️ Save time with our All inclusive monthly billing.
✔️ Easy to budget direct debit, over 11 months.
✔️ Class and program tuition (40 weeks)
✔️Class uniform discount voucher 
✔️FREE BDC Signature Shirt
✔️All Concert Costumes are provided, no expensive costume costs just before Christmas!
✔️All theatre and stage rehearsals included
✔️ 2x Annual performance opportunities
✔️ Program Awards, Certificates & Trophies
✔️ Concert Video Access in Members Site
✔️ FREE End of year Digital photos (Groups only)
✔️ BDC Gifts on enrolment and throughout the year
✔️Birthday Surprise!
✔️ FREE End of year Christmas party!
✔️GST and administrative costs included
✔️ No unexpected hidden fees!

✖️Large term invoices which get lost in your emails, and are difficult to budget for.
✖️Additional invoices for costumes that can be hundreds of dollars and you never wear them again!
✖️Additional Rehearsal fees leading up to concert time  (Surprise!)
✖️Concert performer fees
✖️Hidden fees that were not advertised when you signed up
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  • 5 ways to elevate your training
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  • Ballet class etiquette
  • 5 ways to increase flexibility
  • 5 things to focus on that will make you improve faster. 

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